Thursday, October 24, 2019

Nexxus Token Buy-Back Option

Purchasers of Nexxus Token from the ProBit IEO token sale are being offered a unique buy-back program through the Nexxus Rewards shopping rewards program.

In addition to NXR token bonuses, purchasers will have the option to sell all or part of their purchased NXR tokens at a minimum price of $1.00. This option is being extended by Nexxus Rewards to the IEO NXR token purchasers in order to fulfill Nexxus Rewards’ ongoing need for Nexxus Tokens, which are given to shoppers as free shopping dollars with every shopping transaction.

As shopping transactions occur in the Nexxus Rewards system (requiring the purchase of Nexxus Tokens), Nexxus Rewards will contact IEO NXR token purchasers (in the order that they purchased their Nexxus Tokens) with a one-time offer to sell all or part of their NXR tokens to Nexxus Rewards for $1.00 each. This buy-back program is funded by merchants in the Nexxus Rewards system in order to power the Nexxus Rewards activities that help these merchants get and keep new customers.

Only NXR token purchasers from the IEO token sale will have the buy-back option. Bonus NXR tokens received with the IEO NXR token sale and NXR tokens purchased outside of the IEO NXR token sale are not eligible for the buy-back option. The buy-back option is not transferrable and is only available on the originally-purchased tokens.

The buy-back option will be made as a one-time offer from Nexxus Rewards, at a time determined by Nexxus Rewards, based on its shopping transaction demand. If the token purchaser accepts the offer, they can choose to sell all or part of their purchased NXR tokens. After the buy-back option is offered by Nexxus to the IEO NXR purchaser, the buy-back option expires, regardless if it is accepted or rejected.

This unique buy-back option is possible because Nexxus Rewards creates buyer demand for the Nexxus Token from shopping transactions, so the Nexxus Token is not dependent on speculative trading.

This symbiotic relationship between Nexxus Tokens and Nexxus Rewards is unprecedented in the cryptocurrency industry, and is designed to creating real, long-term value for Nexxus Tokens.

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Nexxus Token Buy-Back Option

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