Friday, November 29, 2021

Former UBS Employee Claude Waelchli Launches Tokenyz a Digital Based Securities Platform

While many would think the crypto space is crowded since there are many digital securities platform exchange, for Claude Waelchli, former UBS employee there’s still space for his platform. After quitting his job at UBS, Claude Waelchli went ahead to launch Tokenyz a digital-based securities platform.

Through Tokenyz, Claude Waelchli hopes to capitalize on connecting clients to broker-dealers and collect a finder and structuring transactions fees. The latter will enable Tokenyz to come in as the go-between for clients and dealers. However, for Claude Waelchli, he has an inner push to see Tokenyz succeed, and per his views, he’s going after something else. While commenting on the launch of Toeknyz, he said;

“At the moment, we are also looking at how we can create a global alliance that will bring together top experts in the crypto space as it provides them with an open forum for dialogue. Through the open forum, the experts can openly converse with each other and team up to work together towards the same goal.”

What is trading

Development Already Underway

While news of the platform’s launch is reaching the public domain now, development of the platform started six months ago. Within six months, the Tokenzy development team had its tokenization infrastructure for assets based on ethereum blockchain up and running.

Similarly, its user experience infrastructure for institutional investors and accredited individual investor was also developed. The latter led the development team to its current task of building standards for its digital securities platform with its keen focus being on ERC-1400 tokens.

With above, Claude Waelchli hopes to make changes in the tokenization world by helping increase liquidity in the secondary market, and also enabling easy ownership of tokens. Although he’s only the founder, he already has 17 employees working with him over at Tokenyz. The 17 include Harsh Patel ex-Capgemini consultant employee and Benson Samuel founder of Coinsecure who also doubled up as the chief technology officer.

With their experience and expertise combined, together with the other employees, they form a strong team ready to drive Claude Waelchli agenda and make a mark in the securities space. After working for the Swiss bank for twelve years, occupying several senior positions, Claude Waelchli had his share of experience on exploring benefits of blockchain technology. Now he has taken his skills and knowledge and wants to make his mark in the crypto sector.


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