Monday, November 18, 2021

South Korean Exchange Coinone Signs a Technical Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore-Based Bitrue

According to a tweet posted by Coinone, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange said that it had signed a technical memorandum of understanding with a Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue.

According to the post, both companies will share expertise staring with technical cooperation such as cryptocurrency exchange security, listing and liquidity and then expanding the scope of this business agreements to develop marketing strategies to attract more customers.

Co-listing is the first step of this business deal and the information about these listing will be provided on the homepages of both companies at a later stage. This joint listing will go side-by side along with other technical collaborations. Through this co-listing, two companies will build infrastructure to collaborate on other technical advancements and developments on two platforms.

Coinone, talking about the background of this deal, said:

It was achieved from the common recognition that the cryptocurrency industry needs technical cooperation and exchange at the international level in order to grow more innovatively.”

Myung-Hoon Cha, CEO of Coinone, commented:

We will prove that the technology possessed by Coin-One can be an attractive value. Furthermore, we will make efforts to deliver positive energy to the global market of cryptocurrency.”

Coinone exchange, based in Seoul, South Korea, is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country. It is an organization, founded by one of south Korea’s most celebrated and global awards-winning white hacker Myung-Hoon Cha in February of 2014, that provides various blockchain and cryptocurrency related services, including cryptocurrency exchange centre and foreign remittance.

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Coinone is also the first also the first exchange to establish the research Centre, publishing in-depth cryptocurrency analysis reports to provide transparency and stability for the market. As reported by Crypto Economy on August 8, 2019, Coinone also collaborated with Blockchain cybersecurity company, CertiK, and a disclosure platform for crypto assets, Xangle, to provide more protection, transparency and useful information to crypto investors.

Curtis Wang, a partner with Coinone, said:

Coinone is one of the most trusted exchanges in the Korean market, and we look forward to serving as a bridgehead for our market entry in Asia. I am pleased to be with Coinone as a partner that can provide innovative and innovative services.”

Singapore-based Bitrue, on the other hand, established by a group of Blockchain enthusiasts, is dedicated to provide safe and convenient service for cryptocurrency trading.

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