Friday, January 31, 2022

Blockchain-Based Security Token Platform TokenSoft Launches a Self-Managed Wallet for Security Token Investors

TokenSoft, a San Francisco-based platform, has a announced a news services for investors and issuers of security token called TokenSoft Investment Accounts, a self-managed multi-signature wallet.

In a January 30th press release, TokenSoft said that TokenSoft Investment Account would provide a  self-controlled, traditional, brokerage-style experience to security token investors.

The company aims to provide users of the platform a less technical and more secure way to hold and control their security token investments.

The new services offers a built-in reporting mechanism for Issuers delivering financials and other disclosures to investors.

Investment Accounts will provide investors access to dividend distributions and automated reinvestment opportunities.

The wallet supports only  compliant security token standards such as ERC-1404 for Ethereum and FA1.2 for Tezos by using multi-signature key model used by wallets holding over $1 billion in asset.

The company further said that TokenSoft Investments Accounts is value added service for the issuers of security tokens seeking to offer a technology solution that provides a simple and intuitive investment experience to their investors.

This self-managed wallet allows investors to directly manage and control their investments natively in the TokenSoft platform and also monitor key market data relating to their investments.

According to company, this technology platform is  available to individuals or entities but the investor onboarding procedures may be required. The services is free for investors and for the issuers of token, it is included in TokenSoft’s issuance platform.


TokenSoft Inc., founded in 2017, is the leading technology platform for companies seeking to issue and manage digital securities and other financial assets on the blockchain.

The company is US-regulated platform aiming at building infrastructure to automate investment banking.

Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, said:

“We’re excited to bring a multi-signature wallet security packaged in a self-controlled, easy to manage brokerage-style experience to the over 100,000 investors using our platform.”

Jordan Davis, vice president of Business Development at TokenSoft, commented:

“The ability for non-technical individuals to self-custody is going to change the way assets under management models work in traditional finance. Wallets like TokenSoft Investment Accounts will put pressure on financial institutions to provide better client servicing, value-add services, and investment management tools to earn investors’ business. People will be able to add or remove service providers from accessing their assets the same way you can add or remove profiles from your Netflix subscription.”

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