Tuesday, February 11, 2022

Cardano: Logistics and Supply-Chain Management

  • Logistics & supply-chain management, important sectors for Cardano 
  • Change is essential for operating systems
  • Blockchain technology will be a vital in supply-chain management 
Founder and CEO of the Cardano Blockchain Charles Hoskinson, recently gave his opinion on bundling identity, supply chain systems, payment, and authentication. The Founder of Cardano spoke on these topics at the Ivan live tech. He gave his view on the importance of Blockchain technology in supply chain management. He gave details of why many countries are going into the Blockchain for agrotech. Let’s see some highlights from his statements during the Ivan live tech.

Hoskinson’s Opinion on the Importance of Blockchain to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Cardano Latest Update - According to Hoskinson the most important topic in the Blockchain industry right now, is how the technology can help in Logistics and supply chain management.
There are many reasons why Cardano wants to focus on this. take an example, if you are purchasing agricultural goods, you will want to know if the sellers are following their trade. You will want to know if they are practicing sustainable farming, and GMOs or the use of pesticides. People are conservative with the type of fertilizers used. Well, these issues are qualitative and quantitative. Socially and health-conscious consumers always demand evidence that what they are consuming is treated with respect.

Hoskinson’s View Regarding Operating the System

Hoskinson also established his thoughts regarding how “there’s a global conversation over how we (Cardano) operates the system (Blockchain). According to him, it turns out that the bulk of natural systems that can be used to tackle the problem of how the system must be operated is Blockchain technology. Because you can bundle the identity system. The same can be said of the supply chain system and payment system. Even the authentication systems can be bundled in just one set of technology which is Blockchain. That set of technology that should be used here needs to be transnational. It must be a public and private partnership. It has to be a hybrid system. One that is very easy to integrate.
Cardano News Today - The ADA founder also stressed the significance of the change in this sector. He said there are many discussions in this particular area. After implementing that infrastructure there’s no reason not to utilize it. So, this is what Hoskonsin thinks is the foundation of this conversation, especially in the developing countries who are using Blockchain technology for agrotech. These nations are mostly focused on their health and safety.

Source: Cardano News Today