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Why Did the Emjac Team Change?

With reference to earlier announcement as per below, EMJAC CEO Azrizal Mydin Pitchay would like to shed some light on this matter.

“EMJAC Core Team announces that Meng Kian Kwan, Wan Afif Azizul, Chu Wong and Javeria Naveed are now under local authority investigation suspected of falsifying financial institution documents and planning scam activities using EMJAC and its platform. We have been notified that these scammers attempted unethical hacking into EMJAC official social media accounts with the intention to tarnish EMJAC reputations and brand image.

EMJAC Core Team is taking legal actions and bringing these culprits to justice. Lawsuit documents against Meng Kian Kwan and his team will be shared as evidence at the earliest possible.

EMJAC will also announce its new trusted partners and founders in the near future. Meanwhile, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by EMJAC IEO being put on hold but this was the only possible solution in order to secure our investor’s fund from any scam attempt. EMJAC IEO will be back live at all announced Launchpad partners in due course. STAY TUNED!”

Kindly note that M.K Kwan who is the director of Evergreen Corporate Sdn Bhd. (ECSB) was appointed as CEO to run the operations for EMJAC due to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between EMJAC and ECSB; this was part of a deal for MK Kwan to run the operations.

Unfortunately, on Oct 02, 2021 MK Kwan was allegedly found directly involved in running a potentially scam scheme using EMJAC name; therefore, EMJAC’s boards of directors decided to immediately remove all alleged members from the team and investigate the matter.

Upon confronting MK Kwan and his partners in crime, they decided to start tarnishing EMJAC’s reputation and create several videos and graphical contents on this intent.

EMJAC core team was victim of different defamation efforts while waiting patiently for the legal procedure to be completed. With confirming the suspects during the investigation carried on by the authorities in Malaysia, Kwan and his crew were found guilty in forging financial institution documents using EMJAC’s name.

We are glad to inform you that the felonious were brought into justice and that EMJAC will continue with its efforts towards the project. Despite the hard hit accused, our core team will raise stronger than ever and continue with the project and its goal to promote green energy and circular economy module.

EMJAC has appointed a new CEO, CMO and CFO retaining the team members who were not involved in the unethical behavior confronting all criticism online and offline with facts.

EMJAC team signed MOU with UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) to be part of its journey towards green energy production. For the logistic side, the project will also benefit from a partnership with Asia Global Logistics which believed in this noble cause.

The EMJAC team heralds the beginning of a new phase with a strong collaboration and commitment towards its revolutionary green process of waste tires recycling considering the severity of this issue for the environment and future generation.

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Why Did the Emjac Team Change?

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