Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New 2021 Wallets for Cardano Cryptocurrency ADA May Reach 1 Million

 ADA Cryptocurrency Wallets Continue Rapid Expansion

New 2021 Wallets for Cardano Blockchain Cryptocurrency ADA May Reach 1 Million,  ADA Cryptocurrency Wallets Continue Rapid Expansion

Data compiled from AdaStat, if the number of new ADA cryptocurrency wallets continues to increase at the current rate, there will be over 1 million new ADA wallets created in 2021 alone.

New ADA wallets has skyrocketed in the past month, with an average of 64 wallets created every hour between Dec. 16 and Jan. 4 indicating there may be one million more ADA wallets by the end of 2021, making Cardano one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks in terms of user acquisition. Furthermore, data from AdaStat shows an average of 121 new wallets were created each hour on Jan. 4 - over 2400 wallets in 24 hours, representing a 98 % increase from Jan. 1st, and a 255 % increase from Dec. 16. 

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Cardano's Hoskinson: Unregulated Stablecoins 'Disaster'

  Cryptocurrency Regulation Plays Important Role in Stablecoins

Cardano's Hoskinson: Unregulated Stable Coins 'Disaster'

Many crypto businesses have come under regulatory scrutiny lately, as evidenced by the fact that the Treasury Department and other agencies on Wednesday asked the aforementioned firms to tighten protections against money laundering, while on the topic of the recent question of stablecoin regulations. There are those in the crypto space that have a difference opinion to the oversight, but IOG CEO & Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson doesn't believes there is much to worry about if stablecoins are regulated like securities - 

            “I’m not worried at all about where the stablecoins regulations sits. And frankly,
            if they regulate them like they do securities, that’s not as problematic. Especially
            when you are talking about asset-backed stablecoins.”

With regulators taking more and more interest in stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, the winds of change have arrived. It may soon become critical that crypto businesses reassure their compliance to all stated regulations, especially since the SEC and other regulators are coming hard at non-compliant projects and businesses.

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