Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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Cardano Blockchain to Host Digital Healthcare Platform

Digital healthcare platform 'Ask The Doctor' is switching their AskToken from Ethereum to Cardano due to high gas fees.
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Project Catalyst: Incognito Chain – Bridging the Gap Between Transparency and Anonymity

In a shrinking world of increasing authoritarian surveillance, privacy is a commodity
more precious and sought after than at any period in history. Funding Request: $25k in ADA
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What’s behind the meteoric rise in obscure cryptocurrency Cardano?

Cardano's cryptocurrency ADA has shot up in value, become one of the crypto-world’s largest market-caps behind Bitcoin and Ethereum
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Earn Passive Income Stake ADA with Cardano Clean Water Stake Pool

Project Catalyst: Everything You Need to Know about the Liquidity Pool Proposal

Liqwid is building an automated liquidity protocol to incorporate credit-scoring algorithms w/Decentralised IDs, establishing a lending pool, allowing smart-contract-based markets to run on the Cardano blockchain. Funding Request: 53k in ADA
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Video: People of IOG: Charles Hoskinson & Dan Friedman

Insightful chats with the IOG team-members working behind the scenes...
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Cardano Clean Water Stake Pool Supports NGO clean water initiatives

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Graph Blockchain Inc. Selects Cardano & Polkadot as Priority Staking Platforms

Company Sights: Development Teams, Funding, Communities, Enormous Potential for Adoption and Increase Market-Share & Asset-Value

Graph Blockchain Selects Cardano & Polkadot as Priority Staking Platforms

Graph Blockchain Inc. (CSE: GBLC), via it's wholly owned subsidiary Babbage Mining Corp., will be purchasing Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) cryptocurrencies for the purpose of staking on their respective networks. Graph Blockchain Inc. believes that these two smart-contract platforms are pivotal to the cryptocurrency ecosystem; both have top-tier development teams, funding, community support and show enormous potential for significant increase in user adoption, market share and asset value. For all the aforementioned reasons, Graph Blockchain Inc.is proud to name these two blockchain projects as the first altcoins to be supported through investment and staking. Further updates on deployment and detailed educational materials for both projects will be released over the coming weeks.

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Earn Passive Income Stake ADA with Cardano Clean Water Stake Pool